Peanut Relay Panels

Part Numbers: LP8S-*, LP24S-*

WattStopper’s LP8 Peanut Lighting Control Panels provide simple, effective zone-based control of exterior and interior lighting in small applications. Panels control up to eight channels or zones of lighting. Zones respond to control signals from the system clock (or other signalling device) to turn lighting on and off. LP8 Panels ship pre-assembled in easy-to-install compact packages available for surface and flush mounting. They consist of relays, a system clock, panel intelligence, power supply, tub and cover. The standard enclosure is NEMA 1-rated.


Watt Stopper (


TypeDimming MethodMount
Relay (Switching) Control Panels Non-DimmedSurface Mount
N/A Lp8 Peanut Panel